4 Things You Should Know About A Cleveland Winter

Winter. Don’t you always get a warm and fuzzy feeling thinking about it? Those beautiful white Christmases and the afternoon snowball fights. Who doesn’t love a classic Cleveland winter? Well, along with those warm memories, there are also nightmares of snow storms and harsh weather that makes your face freeze on the way to school or work in the morning.


A Cleveland winter can be hard to bear (we’re sure you’ve heard some stories) if you’re planning on moving to Cleveland or if the coming winter is your first winter in Cleveland, here are a few things you should know:

The Snow Situation during a Cleveland Winter:

Cleveland receives about 60 inches of snow, annually. While most of the snow on the main commute routes are cleared up almost immediately, your driveway will need to be free of snow. Shovels will work, but it wouldn’t hurt you to own a snowblower (admit it, you have always thought about owning one).


The Lake Effect Snow Phenomenon:

What is lake effect snow? Lake snow effect is the moisture from the lake carried by the cold arctic wind to the nearby areas (in this case, Cleveland). This moisture turns to snow due to the cold temperature. If we lost you with the science, know these 3 things:

  1. Lake effect snow usually occurs early in the season, before the lake freezes over.
  2. Lake effect snow contributes to about 6 inches of snow.
  3. Lake effect snow is wildly unpredictable.

Image Credit: CNN.com


Beautiful sights

As soon as autumn hits Cleveland, beautifully colored leaves are seen in yards and the anticipation of a white Christmas starts building up. Tell you what, this is one thing that will make your relatives and friends in the warmer states envy you. And the fun part is that almost every one of them would be dying to come visit you for the holidays!

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Food that keeps you warm:

Cleveland is home to some of the best culinary maestros in the country and hence a plethora of food options are available to make the winter warmer and cheerful. From street food to fine cuisine, the city has it all. If you’re a die-hard foodie like we are, you will definitely love to spend the chilly winter nights in Cleveland with a hot plate of food as your company.

Living in Cleveland, you will eat a lot of good food like these hotdogs

Ski near your home

One thing about Cleveland is you don’t have to spend thousands to travel out West for a skiing trip. There are ample ski resorts in the vicinity of Cleveland for newbies or experienced skiers that make for quick getaways with friends and family. South of Cleveland (inside the Cuyahoga Valley National Park) sits the bunny hill-sized ski slopes of Boston Mills & Brandywine in Peninsula. If you’re closer to the east side,  Alpine Valley in Munson Township is a good option. For beginners, you can learn to ski at either resort without the fear of pro skiers passing you by at high speeds!

If you’re an experienced skier looking for a vacation, Holiday Valley, one of America’s best ski resorts, is just 3 hours away. Situated in Ellicottville, NY,  Holiday Valley offers 58 trails for day & night skiing/snowboarding, nordic skiing trails, tubing, and mountain coasters.

If skiing isn’t your thing, you may want to give Toboggan chutes a chance.You get to fly down a 70 feet chute at almost 50mph. Thrilling right?

Image credits: Cleveland.com

Excited yet? We know we are. We can’t wait for a perfect Cleveland winter this year!


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