9 Cleveland Restaurants to Add to Your Foodie Bucket List

What do you remember more vividly? The last meal you had for dinner or that yummy burrito place you stumbled upon when you took your first road trip to San Francisco with a bunch of friends? If you’re like us then your answer is most likely the latter. Good food is an experience that stays etched in our minds forever.Whether you have a thing for fine dining or street food, Cleveland restaurants should be in your bucket list!

Cleveland is home to culinary geniuses like Jonathan Sawyer, Michael Symon and Dante Bucozzi. While these star chefs own the culinary scene in the city, there are a few Cleveland restaurants that are doing an equally awesome job behind the scenes. Without further ado, let us introduce you to our favorites:


Cleveland restaurants

Image credits: Astoria Cafe Market

Do you have a thing for healthy ingredients paired with new and exciting flavors? Then Astoria cafe in Detroit Shoreway should be your pick.  The restaurant’s menu is sure to be a treat for your taste buds with its emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine.

Even more, Astoria offers something most restaurants do not: its own in-store market featuring a variety of beer, wine, cheeses, cured meats, oils and vinegar, pasta, grains, rice, and olives.

Prosperity Social Club:

A little bit of history paired with an energetic vibe and comfort food, sounds exciting right? We’re talking about the Prosperity Social Club in Tremont. Prosperity has been set up in an original barroom from 1938 which gives it the historical look and feel. Don’t let the surroundings fool you though. The menu is up to date with an affordable list of sandwiches, salads, entrees and a great beer list too!

If you’re in the mood to share a warm fuzzy with your friends, then this is the place to be.

Rincon Criollo:

Love authentic Latin cuisine? We sure do too. The best thing about the food scene in Cleveland restaurants is that you get to have authentic flavors from all corners of the world. One such amazing place in Detroit Shoreway is Rincon Criollo. Surrounded by popular hipster spots like Luxe and Toast, Rincon Criollo is always busy with an extending line of customers.

The Mofongo served at Rincon Criollo is the most authentic one you’re going to get in the city! The menu expands to more than your regular Latin foods. And, the place has an amazing colorful energy that will perk you up on any given day of the week!

Tony’s Southside:

9 Cleveland Restaurants to Add to Your Foodie Bucket List

Image Credits: Cleveland Magazine

It’s all about the sauce at Tony’s Southside. This nightspot in Tremont will remind you of the warm and fuzzy feeling you get each time you have a meal prepared by your mom. Tony’s Southside is owned by  Greco-Italian families that have reserved their age-old recipes and cooking methods. They are particularly famous for their meat sauce. This sauce is always up for grabs at the store as well!

In the mood for a hearty meal with family or friends? Head towards Tony’s Southside tonight!

Bac- Asian American Bistro and Bar:

Is it one of those days when you’re glued to your bed/ sofa and have zero energy to fix yourself a quick meal? We know the perfect solution for your lazy days! Bac’s Asian and American Bistro and Bar in Tremont is a good option to order from. They even have gluten-free alternatives for almost all their menu items. The list of appetizers and entrees is diverse and you’ll have fun choosing from them. The Bistro is in the heart of Tremont and has some amazing Sushi to offer as well. If you’re not a fan of dining inside you can opt for the beautiful patio as your dinner place as well.

Touch Supper Club

9 Cleveland Restaurants to Add to Your Foodie Bucket List

Image Credits: Touch Supper Club

If diversity is your thing then you’ll fall in love with this place among other Cleveland restaurants. They have multiple rooms each with its own vibe. You can enjoy a peaceful night in the library or let your hair down in the basement club.

Touch Supper Club has been pairing events with good old American style comfort food for a long time. They also have a huge selection of craft and imported beer. Go check it out, we’re sure you’ll find something worth your while

Ohio City Burrito

9 Cleveland Restaurants

Image Credits: Ohio City Burrito

We’ve tried almost every taco/burrito joint in the city. Yes, Barrio is great, but if you truly love burritos then go to Ohio City Burrito right now and order a silver bullet. Near the corner of W 25th and Bridge, Ohio City Burrito prides itself on heaping portions of protein, beans & salsa perfectly tucked in rolled wraps.


Heck’s Cafe:

Heck’s cafe is a beautiful 120-year-old townhouse in the heart of Ohio City. If you’re on the prowl for a yummy and wholesome gourmet burger, then this should be the top of your list. In addition to gourmet burger specialties, they boast a fresh and local sourced menu. From light entrees to fresh pasta dishes, they have it all. Dining at Heck’s cafe is an experience in itself, the historical interior paired with indoor garden seating is a delight. Heck’s Cafe also offers private dining experiences in their various rooms.


Crop Bistro and Bar:

9 Cleveland Restaurants to Add to Your Foodie Bucket List

Image Credits: Cleveland Magazine

Dining at an award-winning restaurant is an experience you don’t want to miss out on. Formerly known as the United Bank Building, Crop Bistro and Bar is one of the most famous Cleveland restaurants. Along with over 100 wines to choose from, the Bistro’s menu changes with the seasons as they believe in using the freshest and most appropriate produce.  The main dining area can get a little noisy, so see if you can sit near the windows.  You can even dine in the bank’s old vault- Now that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?




That’s it, those are our top picks for some pretty awesome Cleveland Restaurants. Do you know any places that should be on this list? Let us know!



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