How To Spend A Night In The Tremont Neighborhood

As a thriving community, the Tremont neighborhood has developed into an anchor for the Cleveland art and cuisine scene. A date night with friends in Tremont seems like a great idea, but it can be overwhelming if you’re looking to go somewhere other than the mainstream spots.

While Lyft and lot expansion have solved Tremont’s parking woes, two legitimate concerns remain:

  1. Where should you eat
  2. Where should you go once you’re done eating

I lived in Tremont for about 4 years. I have eaten at every restaurant, drank at every bar, and consumed every late night snack. If there is one person to help you spend a night out in Tremont, it’s me.

Begin Your Night our in the Tremont Neighborhood With Tony’s Southside

Your focus here should be on pre-dinner drinks, small appetizers, and a good conversation to help you abandon your work week. To do that, there is no better place than Tony’s. Situated on Professor Ave and open Fridays and Saturdays from 7PM-1AM, Tony’s is a Greco-Roman family owned and operated throwback to the 50’s. You can’t go wrong with ordering a Vodka Martini and meatballs here. For recommendations, you can always ask Elleny – she’s the bartender and co-owner.

Eat Dinner at GINKO


Onto the toughest decision of your night. Chances are someone in your party will say, “Let’s go to Barrio!” or “Southside’s patio is open”. Ignore their demands, go to the basement below Dante’s, and enjoy the best sushi in Cleveland. GINKO’s nonthreatening menu arms itself with signature cocktails, amazing appetizers (order the spicy scallop chips), and of course great sushi. Quentin Krohe is one of the best General Managers in Cleveland – if you have menu questions, ask him.

After Dinner, Go to the Polish Veterans Alliance

Across the street from GINKO sits the Polish Veterans Alliance. If you’re not a member of this Polish Post, an easy solution is to walk in and tell them you’re Polish. Cough up the $10 for a year membership – stay for the $2 drinks, the people watching and the music.

Next, Go to Edisons (not for the pizza)

When it comes to beer selection, you only have to find one to make your night. If you have difficulties finding a beer you like at Edison’s, you probably don’t like beer. Edison’s might be a little cramped when you walk in but it opens up to a much larger, longer space. They have one of the better patio’s in Cleveland and have live music every Saturday night at 9.

End Your Night at the Flying Monkey

It would be fair to call the Flying Monkey a dive but it possesses a neighborhood charm most dives don’t. As a result, the bartenders are friendly (and generous) and most of all the back patio all but begs you to sit down and order more drinks.

Get Back to Edisons

This time it’s for the pizza. If you the type that enjoys simple, get the pepperoni – if you enjoy specialty, you should order the hot bacon spinach and not think twice about it.

Of course, no framework is perfect. If you think my idea of a perfect night out in the Tremont neighborhood could use some tweaking, let us know.

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