The Cleveland Neighborhoods

Welcome to the North Coast

Planning a trip or planning a move? Learn more about the Cleveland neighborhoods of Ohio City, Tremont & Detroit Shoreway.


Why Tremont? Because Tremont is the possibility that matured into the blueprint. Home to one of the oldest and most historic Cleveland Neighborhoods, Tremont has become a confluence of food, art, nightlife and real estate.

The community is brief – about a 2-mile radius – but inside you’ll find over 40 restaurants, 20 art galleries, 15 shopping boutiques and 6 cafes.

Michael Symon, Dante Boccuzzi and Rocco Whalen are often referenced. But what’s less known is how Tremont has established itself as not only the king of culinary but also as one of the best places to live in Cleveland.

Ohio City

A truly urban Cleveland neighborhood, Ohio City is located on the Near West Side of Cleveland just across the Cuyahoga river from Downtown Cleveland.  Ohio City is brimming with cultural institutions, both public and private. The neighborhood is home to approx. 9000 residents, 250 businesses and is considered one of the most walkable areas in the city, second only to downtown.

Founded in 1818 and originally a part of the Brooklyn Township, Ohio City became an independent municipality on March 3, 1836. It was later on annexed to Cleveland in 1854.

The anchor of the historic Ohio City, the West Side Market, is home to over a 100 locally owned businesses.Originally constructed in 1912 and later on deeded to Cleveland by the first mayor of Ohio City, Josiah Barber, the marketplace has been in operation for more than 100 years.

Ohio City is known for its passionate neighbors, entrepreneurial drive, cultural diversity, housing stock, local restaurants and brewpubs. All these factors make the neighborhood an excellent choice for living, working and having fun!

Detroit Shoreway

Detroit Shoreway has quickly gained the status of newest hotspot in Cleveland neighborhood. It is the place to be for people who thrive on art and culture. Could you imagine living in a neighborhood where you can grab a hot dog with 50 toppings and spend your day antiquing and thrift shopping? Or have a fine dining experience followed by a live theatre performance and ending the day with drinks and live music in the streets! Detroit Shoreway offers never ending and larger than life options for its residents. The neighborhood not only offers eclectic eating and drinking experiences but also access to the serene Lake Erie.

Gordon Square is the retail hub of Detroit Shoreway. This is a series of buildings that emanate from the four corners of Detroit Avenue and West 65th Street. numerous eateries and bars can be found in Gordon Square. This area is also somewhat the hub of art with over 60 art galleries, five performing arts theaters and one movie theatre.