Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood


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Detroit Shoreway has quickly gained the status of Cleveland’s newest hotspot. It is the place to be for people who thrive on art and culture. Could you imagine living in a neighborhood where you can grab a hot dog with 50 toppings and spend your day antiquing and thrift shopping? Or have a fine dining experience followed by a live theatre performance and ending the day with drinks and live music in the streets! Detroit Shoreway offers never ending and larger than life options for its residents. The neighborhood not only offers eclectic eating and drinking experiences but also access to the serene Lake Erie.

Gordon Square is the retail hub of Detroit Shoreway. This is a series of buildings that emanate from the four corners of Detroit Avenue and West 65th Street. numerous eateries and bars can be found in Gordon Square. This area is also somewhat the hub of art with over 60 art galleries, 5 performing arts theaters and one movie theatre.

Resturants in Detroit Shoreway OR The Highlights:

Detroit Shoreway offers the most diverse experience in terms of pleasing a foodie’s palate. You can choose from the variety of fine dining experiences to mom and pop food shops and small plate establishments across the neighborhood. Some very interesting watering holes and fine wine bars are also options when it comes to exploring the true flavors of the neighborhood.

Events in Detroit Shoreway:

Third Fridays on the 78th Street Studios:

The 78th Street studios is a 170,000 sq ft of industrial space in a century old building that is home to more than 60 art galleries and studios. As you might have already guessed right, the 78th street Studios opens its doors on the third Friday of each month from 5-9 PM. All galleries exhibit their crafts under one roof. Along with the art, the local restaurants also offer their specialties to the attendees.

Edgewater Live:

Edgewater live is a free summer concert that takes place at Edgewater Beach. This features food trucks and other fun activities. What better than to spend a day playing in the sand, grab something to eat and enjoy live music? This along with the beautiful skyline of Cleveland and the view of the Lake Erie.

Detroit Shoreway Trivia:

  • Detroit Shoreway is the only Cleveland neighborhood with direct access to the lake.  It features a 400 foot wide public beach with lifeguards.
  • 78th St Studios was the home to the Baker Electric Car company in the early 1900’s.