Ohio City

A small town within a bustling city


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A truly urban neighborhood- Ohio City is located on the Near West Side of Cleveland, just across the Cuyahoga river from Downtown Cleveland.  Ohio city is brimming with cultural institutions, both public and private. The neighborhood is home to approx. 9000 residents and 250 businesses. The neighborhood is considered one of the most walkable areas in the city, second only to downtown.

Founded in 1818 and originally a part of the Brooklyn Township, Ohio City became an independent municipality on March 3, 1836. It was later on annexed to Cleveland in 1854.

The anchor of the historic Ohio City, the West Side Market is home to over a 100 locally owned businesses.Originally constructed in 1912 and later on deeded to Cleveland by the first mayor of Ohio City, Josiah Barber, the marketplace has been in operation for more than 100 years.

Ohio City is known for its passionate neighbors, entrepreneurial drive, cultural diversity, housing stock, local restaurants and brewpubs. All these factors make the neighborhood an excellent choice for living, working and having fun!

Resturants in Ohio City OR The Highlights

Ohio City is home to some of the most interesting food experiences and also happens to be heaven for connoisseurs of good beer with its famous breweries! You can take a walk down the West Side Market and explore the options there, but the journey for a foodie in Ohio City does not end here. Take a step outside and experience the flavors of Ohio City.

Events in Ohio City:

Ohio City Street Festival

This particular festival is a celebration of the great Ohio City neighborhood. A day full of food and music attractions. The city street festival offers something for everyone.

Open Air in Market Square

From June-October, the Market Square offers programming on select Saturdays. This proves to be a new experience every week with local artisan vendors and live performances joining in the fun!

Ohio City Run and Crawl

This is an annual 5k crawl which also includes a pub crawl through Ohio City. Some fun is also reserved for the kids with a 130-meter dash organized to keep them busy as well!

Ohio City also offers the annual home tour and many other small events throughout the year!

Ohio City Trivia:

  • James A. Garfield, who later became the 20th president of the United States, served as pastor of Franklin Circle Christian Church in 1857.
  • James Ford Rhodes, who was the rare combination of millionaire businessman and Pulitzer Prize winning historian, was born and raised in Ohio City. His brother Robert’s house is a landmark at 2905 Franklin Boulevard.
  • A plaque from the Ohio Historical Society on Bridge Avenue marks what is believed to be the birthplace of John Heisman, the innovative football coach. However, some historians contend that he was actually born a few blocks farther to the west on the same street.