Tremont Neighborhood

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Tremont is one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Cleveland. The neighborhood is home to some beautiful green spaces, including the Lincoln Park, trendy restaurants and boasts architecture from the Victorian age. Tremont was once the site of the first higher education institute in the cite i.e Cleveland city, this earned it the name of University Heights. Terms such as “literary”, “professor”, “College” and University are remnants of that era.  The neighborhood went through its fair share of name changes as it’s name was yet again changed to Lincoln Heights to pay a tribute to the area’s role as a site of the two union army camps during the Civil War.

Tremont is als home to the food revolution of the city, with several culinary options to choose from. Located south of the Cleveland city, the neighborhood not only provides an easy access to downtown and sports avenues in the city but also the highways as well. The neighborhood is centered around the Lincoln Park which boasts ample green space and an array of culinary and shopping options. The area is also famous for the victorian architecture which includes churches as well as houses from that era.  

Restaurants in Tremont OR The Highlights:

Tremont is home to what we call the foodie renaissance of Cleveland. The area is lined with diverse eateries, each of which has something interesting and different to offer. In terms of leisure activities, Tremont is one neighborhood you will not get bored of. In addition to the awesome food options, the neighborhood has its share of shopping destinations and some beautiful churches for you to explore.

Events in Tremont:

An active neighborhood, Tremont hosts a number of events over the year. Below are details on some of these events:

Walkabout Tremont

On the 2nd friday of every month, Walkabout Tremont is organized to take the residents and the tours through the vibrant streets of Tremont which are brimming with diverse eateries, architecture and shopping points!

Taste of Tremont Festival

Every year in July, Tremont welcomes foodies from all over the US and the world to experience the culinary diversity in the neighborhood. It wouldn’t be wrong to cite the area as the food hub of the city. The Taste of Tremont festival is an all day event focused on stimulating your taste buds. Not only is the food inspired by the local chefs but also by the residents themselves. Here is a list of things you can do at the festival. (we can develop a checklist nearer to the next festival as well)

Tremont Art and Culture Festival

Tremont has a budding and inclusive culture that promotes art. The entire community gathers up for the Tremont Art and Culture Festival in September each year. The festival gives the local artists and even children to showcase their work and talent to the residents and the tourists.

In addition to the above-mentioned festivals, the churches also host interesting events, such as the Church of the Assumption’s Greek Festival, held each Memorial Day weekend and St. John Cantius’ Polish Festival, held each Labor Day weekend.

Tremont Trivia:

  • Tremont is named after Tremont Elementary School, which opened in 1910. Prior to that, the neighborhood was called “University Heights” and “Lincoln Heights.”
  • Scenes from the 1970s classic film ​The Deer Hunter, with Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep, were filmed at Tremont’s Lemko Hall and St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Tremont is home to The Christmas Story House and Museum, A Museum dedicated to the 1983 holiday classic “A Christmas Story,” partially filmed in Cleveland.