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What are the lease terms and what’s included in the rent?

Our leases begin at two years but we do have some flexibility depending on the property you want to rent in Cleveland. Our property management staff will work with you so contact us and we will be happy help you through the rental process.

How close are the neighborhood amenities?

Just click on any of the properties you are interested in to see the walk score and how close the neighborhood amenities are.  Once again our helpful staff is here to answer any questions

Do you require renters insurance?

We do not, but let’s be honest, you should never rent without it.  In other words, go get it. It’s inexpensive and well worth it if something goes wrong. Check out Progressive, GEICO and State Farm for some quotes. 

How do you handle emergency repairs?

We have a staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist for any emergency repairs.  Through our property management software, Buildium, you can submit a maintenance request for normal repairs and a team member will contact you within  24 hours.  

Am I allowed to decorate my apartment without penalty?

Absolutely. This is you home, decorate it as such. And while we appreciate flair as much as the next person, we ask that you return the place to its original condition when you leave. Otherwise, you will lose your security deposit (womp womp).